What are the Australian Standards referred to above?

Wonder Walls precast concrete panel and post retaining walls are 100% compliant with all the current and relevant Australian Standards – and these include:

  • AS1170.0:2002 – Structural design actions Part 0: General principles;
  • AS1170.1:2002 – Structural design actions Part 1: Permanent, imposed and other actions;
  • AS1170.2:2011 – Structural design actions Part 2: Wind actions;
  • AS3600:2009 – Concrete Structures
  • AS4678:2002 – Earth retaining structures.

What recent changes were made to Wonder Walls to comply with new and revised Australian Standards?

Changes made include:

  • The use of additional steel within the posts as well as the use of ligatures holding the reinforcing bars together
  • longer posts for different wall heights with consequently longer post footings, and
  • an adjustment in post hole diameters, especially for the longer posts.

No changes were required to what are already extremely strong panels.

Can I put a fence on top of the Wonder Wall?

No – but a fence can be placed directly behind a Wonder Wall, and the distance required between the rear of the wall and a fence will vary depending on the type of fence being used, typically 100mm.

This includes a Colorbond fence.

Can Wonder Walls be used as a fence?

The Wonder Walls system has been designed specifically as a retaining wall system. It is an engineered product capable of withstanding the various forces imposed on it by the earth that is being retained.

While it is true that some of our customers have in the past used Wonder Walls as a fence rather than a retaining wall, it is important to recognise that the system has not been designed to be a fence. For instance, the textured finish is on one side of the panel only – the rear of the panel is the side that should be holding back the earth.

How do I obtain a Wonder Walls Engineer Specification Drawing?

Please contact Structerre Consulting Engineers, Contact Details below:

Phone: 08 9205 4500

1 Erindale Road
Western Australia

PO Box 792
Western Australia


How soon can a job be done?

Under normal circumstances we are generally able to start a new job within 2 weeks.
With COVID-19/labour issues it can take longer.

How do I arrange a quote?

We are happy to provide a FREE site inspection, measure and quotation (no obligation) for anywhere in the Greater Perth Metropolitan area. Simply contact us on (08) 9472 1148.

Where can I see a sample of Wonder Walls?

You can visit our factory and sales centre at 180 Raleigh Street, Carlisle, or see our walls displayed at Homebase Expo in Subiaco.

What colours/patterns are available?

Wonder Walls come in 2 colours – Grey and Cream . They are also available in 4 patterns – plain, limestone, block and slate.

Where can I use Wonder Walls?

Wonder Walls are used to retain heights up to 1.5m. You can use them for:

  • Retaining where space is limited
  • Retaining between blocks having differing levels
  • Terracing steep slopes
  • Attractive garden edging and the creation of flowerbeds
  • Replacing termite-infested sleepers

Can anyone install Wonder Walls?

Yes. You can install a Wonder Walls retaining wall yourself, or we can arrange installation for you.

How strong are Wonder Walls?

Wonder Walls are manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards. They are 100% compliant with all the current and relevant standards relating to earth retaining structures. This includes the strength required to hold up earth; fences (including colorbond) when gale force winds are applied to the fence; as well as light vehicle surcharges (ie driveways) and other imposed loadings.

What are Wonder Walls?

Wonder Walls are retaining walls manufactured from factory-precast steel reinforced concrete posts and panels. They are strong and durable and can retain up to 1.5 metres.

Why should I choose Wonder Walls over traditional retaining walls?

Wonder Walls take up minimal space. They are strong, durable and simple to install. And, most importantly, Wonder Walls are maintenance free and cost effective, as they are generally cheaper than other retaining systems.