Give your garden a spring makeover!

Don’t just spring clean the house, transform your front and back garden with a retaining wall!

After what has felt like the longest winter, the sun has finally come out in beautiful Perth, WA. You know what that means? People are spending much more time outdoors! It’s about now that we begin to study our yards and consider what needs to be done to get these areas ready for the party season. For some, there may be a bit of weeding here and there. For others it may mean a complete spring makeover!

Want to take your outdoor areas to the next level? Not sure where to start? Have a look at our checklist.

Do the weeding and trim your lawn

Those pesky weeds might start appearing in empty garden beds, around tiles and concrete as we enter into spring. It’s important to pull the whole plant out when removing weeds, otherwise they’ll just keep growing back. Or a good spray of weed killer which will also do the trick! Much like weeds, your lawn’s growth will skyrocket during spring. It’s important to keep it under control before it gets too long and difficult to manage. Has your lawn suffered any damage? Now is the ideal time to throw on some fertilizer and grass seed to repair spots that heavy traffic and pets have thinned. 

Start planting and prune existing plants

Spring is the best season to start planting, no matter what plant, flower or vegetable you’re hoping to grow. If you’re new to gardening, a small and easy to manage garden bed or a selection of pots will get you started. Don’t forget about pruning any existing plants and trees you already have. Cut back dead leaves and flowerheads, without getting rid of any new growth. 

Clean outdoor furniture and living spaces

Did you neglect your outdoor furniture and living spaces during the colder months? Fear not! It’s easy to dust and remove the dirt that build up in these places. The beginning of spring is a great time to give your outdoor furniture a wipe or a hose down, sweep or spray the front and back patios, give any cushion covers a wash, and clean railings or window sills. 

Consider installing a retaining wall 

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to add that little something special to your outdoor area? Something that doesn’t require any heavy maintenance is a retaining wall. Not only are these a great landscaping feature, but they are both aesthetically appealing and functionally purposeful. They can protect your home from loose soil, sloping and uneven terrain, and water damage. Retaining walls can keep pests away from your garden, preserve flower beds from erosion, spruce up your garden with decorative appeal, provide more space for plants, solve drainage issues around your home. It’s the perfect solution to landscaping on a hill. 

Our walls are ideal for a wide range of applications and are made from precast reinforced concrete. They are available in a large variety of colours and finishes, designed to suit every outdoor area no matter how unique. There are so many ways to incorporate retaining walls into your outdoor area. A few ideas to help you dream are an outdoor kitchen, keeping a water feature in place, constructing on an incline to hold land together, highlighting a particular tree or flowers, creating a vegetable garden, adding stairs, or to create a centrepiece or focal point in your garden.

Why choose Wonder Walls?

Wonder Walls is the oldest established manufacturer and installer of precast reinforced concrete panel and post retaining walls in Western Australia. We’ve got all of your needs covered. Our strong, durable and maintenance-free retaining walls are guaranteed for 5 years. They are installed by our highly skilled and experienced team with over 30 years of experience. We are known throughout the building industry for consistently delivering exceptional service. 

If you are interested in getting your very own retaining wall in your back or front yard, contact us for a free site inspection, measure, and quote with no obligation, anywhere in the greater Perth metropolitan area.