Planning your garden on a slope

Choosing Plants For Sloping Areas – What Plants Grow On Slopes. Elevating your beds eliminates the need to lean over in the garden Gardeners run up against what seems to be a challenging obstacle in their quest to maintain a beautiful and functional garden space. For gardeners, problems with sloping sites include things like soil and nutrient loss, as well as overexposure of plants to wind and sun, which can easily damage or kill them. Both e...
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3 benefits of using post & panel retaining walls

Engineered for longevity, durability and reliability Call today for assistance. There are many uses for walls – some are used to keep people safe, while others were used to keep enemies and animals out. Some are used as a symbol, and some are used for its aesthetic appeal. General landscaping and urban planning benefits tremendously from retaining walls. City public gardens use them to separate vegetation from the unsafe concrete jungle. Larg...
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Landscape Design

Landscaping Designs That Make a Statement

Turn your garden into Eden Come on summer! And the rest of spring too! Inject life back into your garden by turning what is currently a sad place of broken landscaping dreams into an amazing outdoor space filled with great energy and vibrancy. You may not believe this while staring at your potentially amazing backyard, but there is light at the end of this overgrown tunnel. With the right guidance you really can get excited about turning your ga...
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Property fencing

Fencing Laws and Your Neighbours

Good fences make good neighbours Managing the relationship between you and your neighbour is a tightrope act of mutual respect and tolerance. It takes more than keeping the kids out of their yard, the peace offering of a pineapple crumble cake, or forgetting to put a password on the Wi-Fi to keeps things congenial. Furthermore, while “Good fences make good neighbours,” there is more to maintaining a friendly relationship with your neighbours...
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