Panel & Post Retaining

Suppliers of the Wonder Wall panel and post retaining wall system

Structurally sound panel and post retaining walls are available from Wonder Walls, the retaining wall specialists in Perth.

What are Wonder Walls?

The Wonder Walls system comprises factory precast steel reinforced concrete posts and panels. These components are assembled on-site using a cantilevered configuration and are able to retain up to 1.5 meters.

How are they erected?

Building a retaining wall is relatively straightforward, with a few ground rules surrounding the posts and panels.

Retaining wall posts are normally 130mm square and spaced at 1150mm centres. In most cases the posts are twice as long as the wall is high – e.g. a 600mm high wall would use a 1200mm long post. Half the post is placed in a hole excavated in the soil and then backfilled with an appropriate strength material – i.e. 1 part cement to 4 parts damp sand, or similar.

In the case of walls higher than 1200mm additional reinforced concrete backing panels are used to distribute the load at the base of the panel.

Standard panels 300mm deep, with half panels 150mm in depth, are used in conjunction with each other to allow a retaining wall height from 300mm to 1500mm in increments of 150mm.

Wonder Walls can also be constructed alongside a driveway, and specifications for a light vehicle surcharge wall are also available. Detailed engineering specifications for the erection of a wall in sand or clay are available.

Colours and Finishes

Wonder Walls produces traditional grey and cream panels with a smooth finish and a good looking Slate finish in Grey.
Our Cream panels are also available in limestone finish with newly developed slate and block finishes. All of these versatile colours and finishes are available for you to view at our showroom.

The Wonder Wall Advantage

There are many advantages to choosing Wonder Walls over other retaining systems:

Minimal use of space

Wonder Walls can be retained right to the edge of the block, which means a fence can be erected immediately behind the wall. They make for excellent garden and landscaping retaining walls.

Low Cost

The cost for the supply and erection of a wall is generally cheaper than most other retaining wall systems.

Strength & Durability

Wonder Walls offers the perfect retaining wall solution. Their concrete composition and galvanised steel reinforced panels make them extremely strong. The steel is completely encased in the panel and there are no exposed ends; they can’t rot or corrode, and they provide a quality finish that is maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime.

Easy to Install

Wonder Walls is designed for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. This DIY retaining wall system does not require skilled labour and is quick and easy to install. The panels are relatively light and can be handled easily by one person.

Independently Tested

The concrete used in Wonder Walls panels and posts is regularly tested by an independent testing laboratory to ensure consistency of the design strength.

For an obligation-free site inspection, measure, and quotation anywhere in the greater Perth metropolitan area, contact us on (08) 9472 1148.

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