Protect your property with panel and post retaining walls

At Wonder Walls, we create post and panel retaining walls with attention to strength and durability that works with your house and garden aesthetic.

Whether you are looking for a solution to go alongside a driveway, garden or boundary, Wonder Walls provides solutions to those looking for a DIY retaining wall in Perth. Wonder Walls post and panel retaining walls are made with precast, steel-reinforced concrete for ultimate strength and protection.

How can a Wonder Walls post and panel retaining wall help?

Minimal use of space

Wonder Walls can be retained right to the edge of the block, which means a fence can be erected immediately behind the wall. They make for excellent garden and landscaping retaining walls.

Low Cost

The cost for the supply and erection of a wall is generally cheaper than most other retaining wall systems.

Strength & Durability

Wonder Walls offers the perfect retaining wall solution. Their concrete composition and galvanised steel reinforced panels make them extremely strong. The steel is completely encased in the panel and there are no exposed ends; they can’t rot or corrode, and they provide a quality finish that is maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime.

Easy to Install

Wonder Walls is designed for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. This DIY retaining wall system does not require skilled labour,  and is quick and easy to erect. The panels are relatively light and can be handled easily by one person.

Independently Tested

The concrete used in Wonder Walls panels and posts is regularly tested by an independent testing laboratory to ensure consistency of the design strength.

Retaining wall designs to suit your property

The world is your oyster when it comes to designing the right retaining wall solution for your property. The size and style of your post and panel retaining wall can be customised to suit your exact requirements. Plus, Wonder Walls can be installed using minimal space, so you can make the most of your section.

There are some ground rules to start with when designing your retaining wall. Most retaining wall posts are 130mm square, spaced at 1140mm intervals. Generally, posts should be twice as long as the wall is high to ensure it provides the stability required.

We have a range of different colour and texture finishes to create the perfect look for your property. Choose from creams and greys with block, slate, limestone or smooth finishes.

Wonder Wall post and panel retaining wall price

Our post and panel retaining wall designs are generally more affordable than most typical retaining wall systems. We provide obligation-free onsite inspections, where we measure and quote your job based on your unique design choices. For more information, take a look at our catalogue on our product page or get in touch with our team today!