How to maximise limited backyard space with retaining walls

Retaining walls are an excellent option to freshen up limited spaces, allowing you to create exciting and functional areas in even the smallest backyards. In this blog, we will share our top tips for maximising your backyard with the help of quality, durable retaining walls.

A backyard is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of your own oasis. Natural, open spaces encourage us to explore, get active in our leisure time, and create fantastic fun-filled memories. However, if your backyard is on a sloping block or has limited space — it may be challenging to find a way to maximise your outdoor living area without compromising comfort. When on a landscaping mission to get the most out of their limited backyard space, where does one turn to? — Retaining walls! 

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a wall that is constructed in the ground to stop soil erosion or slippage. Retaining walls also function as a barricade to hold back an area of water. Generally, retaining walls are constructed parallel to the slope of the land and are made of concrete, stone, bricks or earth. 

Retaining walls have been used in Australia for many years to maximise your backyard space and create beautiful landscapes. And don’t we know a thing or two about that! 

At Wonder Walls, we’ve been in the biz since 1983, delivering exceptional service, quality retaining wall systems and premium installations to help you get the most out of your block. That means we’re the oldest established manufacturer and installer of precast reinforced concrete panels and post retaining walls in Western Australia—and proud of it!

Where to start?

Choosing the right retaining wall for your backyard can be a difficult task. Many people think they can only use a retaining wall in an open space with abundant land to spare. But even in limited areas, a retaining wall is a fantastic investment. Let’s take a close look at the types of space you may be dealing with.

Limited garden space

Because of the restricted space in a backyard, landscaping alternatives can be limited; however, this is not the case. You can always make the most of modest areas to create a lovely landscape with the help of retaining wall systems. It’s essential to consider your theme and ensure all your landscaping materials work well together, like the choice of material, colour, position, height, depth and more. But don’t stress if you can’t find the perfect solution right away! At Wonder Walls, our precast concrete retaining walls come in a variety of shades, materials and sizes to suit any backyard. You can view them all at the Homebase Expo in Subiaco or download our brochure!

Terracing steep slopes

Terracing allows you to split your yard into multiple plantable regions. When all of your plants are visible, it can give your yard a more lush, complete appearance. Consider terracing your available space with retaining walls if you have a sloping yard. 

Optimise vertical space

Forget watching your garden bloom on one boring level — make the most of your free vertical space or awkward cornered areas by introducing an exciting, tiered garden bed!

The versatility of Wonder Walls

Although there are some Aussie blocks that resemble a human shoebox — you’re only limited by the parameters of your creativity. Don’t shrink to fit your space; tailor your space to fit you! Contact us on 9472 1148 to discover the landscaping possibilities of Wonder Walls!