How to maximise limited backyard space with retaining walls

Retaining walls are an excellent option to freshen up limited spaces, allowing you to create exciting and functional areas in even the smallest backyards. In this blog, we will share our top tips for maximising your backyard with the help of quality, durable retaining walls. A backyard is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of your own oasis. Natural, open spaces encourage us to explore, get active in our leisure time, and create fantastic fun-filled memories. However, if your backyard is on a sloping block or has limited space — it may be challenging to find a way to maximise your outdoor living area without compromising comfort. When on a landscaping mission to get […]

Elevate your next backyard project with retaining walls — literally!

As a homeowner, it’s essential to know what retaining wall would work best with your needs, location and garden layout. There are many different retaining walls on the market, and it can be challenging to choose which one suits your project best. This Wonder Walls guide will explore popular types of retaining walls and why they make a great addition to your backyard. When it comes to sprucing up a backyard, many people dive straight into constructing outdoor DIY furniture or laying down artificial grass. Although both options look great, they don’t last and provide little value to your outdoor space. That’s where retaining walls come in to save the landscaping day! Retaining walls are a fantastic investment that will […]

Protect your property with panel and post retaining walls

At Wonder Walls, we create post and panel retaining walls with attention to strength and durability that works with your house and garden aesthetic. Whether you are looking for a solution to go alongside a driveway, garden or boundary, Wonder Walls provides solutions to those looking for a DIY retaining wall in Perth. Wonder Walls post and panel retaining walls are made with precast, steel-reinforced concrete for ultimate strength and protection. How can a Wonder Walls post and panel retaining wall help? Minimal use of space Wonder Walls can be retained right to the edge of the block, which means a fence can be erected immediately behind the wall. They make for excellent garden and landscaping retaining walls. Low Cost […]

Budget landscaping ideas in backyards where space is limited

Get inspired by these affordable backyards. Backyard Landscape Ideas with pictures. Designing your landscape is just as important as designing any part of your house. Landscaping ideas that are skilfully carried out can complement your home’s aesthetic. You can enhance the whole appeal of your backyard by choosing the suitable shrubs, garden edges, plants, and flowers. Before you start designing your backyard where space is limited, you must create an inventory of your backyard space. As there are many landscaping ideas to choose from, try to figure out which one would fit best for your space and then make adjustments to create your perfect garden. Consider the fact that you may want to have a pool or a playground for […]

Great retaining wall design ideas for beautiful landscapes

Check out these fantastic designs and ideas. Retaining walls are practical and beautiful elements to include in a landscape. When referring to retaining walls, there’s an age-old debate about what’s more important – form or function. It goes without saying that function is a top priority, but this does not mean that form must be neglected. There are many ways to make small or large, simple or complex retaining walls visually pleasing. If designed well and constructed with quality materials, your retaining wall will be the pivotal point in your property rather than something you try to hide. Retaining walls are practical and beautiful elements to include in a landscape. They can help solve a variety of problems and offer […]

Planning your garden on a slope

Choosing Plants For Sloping Areas – What Plants Grow On Slopes. Elevating your beds eliminates the need to lean over in the garden Gardeners run up against what seems to be a challenging obstacle in their quest to maintain a beautiful and functional garden space. For gardeners, problems with sloping sites include things like soil and nutrient loss, as well as overexposure of plants to wind and sun, which can easily damage or kill them. Both entertainers and gardeners, however, can overcome these problems with a bit of planning, landscaping, and dedication. We can find a solution for your sloping plot that really works for your lifestyle, and then discuss how to build a garden around it. 1. Build a […]

3 benefits of using post & panel retaining walls

Engineered for longevity, durability and reliability Call today for assistance. There are many uses for walls – some are used to keep people safe, while others were used to keep enemies and animals out. Some are used as a symbol, and some are used for its aesthetic appeal. General landscaping and urban planning benefits tremendously from retaining walls. City public gardens use them to separate vegetation from the unsafe concrete jungle. Large properties utilise them to guide guests and to deter those unwelcomed, and highways and railroads use them to keep pedestrians safe. Retaining walls come in a variety of shapes, textures, materials and styles. Precast concrete retaining walls are among the most popular, and it’s easy to see why […]

Landscaping Designs That Make a Statement

Turn your garden into Eden Come on summer! And the rest of spring too! Inject life back into your garden by turning what is currently a sad place of broken landscaping dreams into an amazing outdoor space filled with great energy and vibrancy. You may not believe this while staring at your potentially amazing backyard, but there is light at the end of this overgrown tunnel. With the right guidance you really can get excited about turning your garden into a haven of bright spring colours and summertime fun. Here are a few tips to get you started: Sketch This is the ‘green’ print for your ideal designer garden. Envision the plants, trees, flowers, patio and paving, and then sketch […]

Fencing Laws and Your Neighbours

Good fences make good neighbours Managing the relationship between you and your neighbour is a tightrope act of mutual respect and tolerance. It takes more than keeping the kids out of their yard, the peace offering of a pineapple crumble cake, or forgetting to put a password on the Wi-Fi to keeps things congenial. Furthermore, while “Good fences make good neighbours,” there is more to maintaining a friendly relationship with your neighbours than ensuring that neither of you trespass upon the other’s property or privacy. Australia is governed by a very specific set of fencing laws, which need to be observed at all times. Being in the know is important for you and your neighbours. We’ll take you through the […]

NESA National Employment Services Awards

Wonder walls was recently nominated for the NESA 2015 Champion Employer of the year “The NESA National Employment Services Awards for Excellence are a symbol of the strength and resilience that it takes to face incredible hurdles to gain employment, and the persistent hard work of employment consultants and employers who support job seekers on their journey.” Information on the awards night can be found here There is also pictures of Lauren from Wonder Walls accepting the nomination award on the website There is a you tube clip that we submitted with our nomination that explains a little bit about our company and our relationship with our employees and Atwork Australia Also because we were nominated for the […]